PERU: Rumble Inca Jungle

Music/culture/adventure following the exploits and camaraderie of a motley band of eXtreme musicians on an odyssey into Amazon jungle.

World's Highest Gig

Into the Himalayas: We're breaking the World Record for the Highest concert!
For the THIRD Time!

World's Craziest Gig

Play a gig on top of an air balloon and then jump off!

Kathmandu Festival

Bringing together the best local artists that Nepal has to offer to play in schools, communities and historic areas.

Videos of past events!

August 2018 RUMBLE INCA JUNGLE PERU Music ≈ Adventure

Fundraising through music and adventure

Proceeds from our Active Community Travel Depot support the mission and charities of our

Music as the true international language

We are an events organization specializing in organizing extreme gigs and music festivals internationally raising funds to support humanitarian & environmental causes around the world. • Music and adventure is at the very core of what we stand for and is the backbone for everything we do. • Best of all, your participation in The Active Community goes to support our projects; The building of an orphanage in Nepal, and conservation of the Amazon rain forest with the San Juan de Yanayacu Indian community & aid to Cuba's Matanzas Children's Home.

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